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Designer's Notebook of Flaimentations

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"Selling or Not -- Creative Curb Appeal for the Holidays"

November, 2017

Like many of you, I am just about ready to get my home decked out for the holidays . . . using just the right amount of twinkling white lights, a collection of wreaths, (and more lights), fresh greens, (and still more lights), home grown cotoneaster berries, (and, yes, just a few more lights) and . . . of course, LOTS of red plaid ribbon.

I tell both my design and staging clients that although thoughtfully decorating the outside of their homes for the holiday can certainly add the perfect touch of warmth this time of year, from a staging or "design" perspective, it is better to decorate for the "winter season" rather than the "holiday season." This kind of decor provides an inviting, festive look, but with a longevity that provides greater appeal for anyone selling, or simply one that will carry them stylishly through the winter months.

So . . . instead of inflatables, Santa and his sleigh, colored lights or (my beloved) red plaid ribbon . . .

  • Consider a garden cart or vintage sled decked with fresh greens, holly, cotoneaster branch clippings, pine cones, kale, etc. 
  • Even subtle evergreen wreaths WITHOUT ornaments can be left hanging well into the New Year.
  • All of these items can be harvested from your yard at no additional cost and have real lasting power due to the cool/cold weather.
  • Also, if the house's style dictates, consider solar powered candles in the windows -- even in a vacant home that is staged for sale -- on a timer, they will not need to be tended to as they turn on and off by themselves!

Selling or not, it's important to remember that "winter" doesn't need to put a damper on a home's curb appeal, but can rather create a wonderful, festive mood that will not only last until spring, but hopefully please your neighbors or, if need be, draw your prospective buyers in!